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2017 Summer Eyewear Trends

Sports Sunglasses

Have you ever been about to play a sport, whether tennis, volleyball, soccer, or anything in between, and realized your sunglasses just weren’t going to cut it? Normal sunglasses are not very useful when you’re playing sports. They fall off easily, you’re concerned about breaking them, and they don’t provide the best protection. If you are an active individual who spends his or her free time or weekends participating in sports or other athletic activities, it is important to have a pair (or two) of sports sunglasses to protect your eyes and fit your needs. While it is important to have functional sports sunwear, that doesn’t mean they have to be unfashionable. Designers like Oakley and Maui Jim offer comfort, durability, and style.

Sports sunglasses are important because of their design. The frames are designed for comfort and protection. They fit snugly to the head and lenses wrap around the sides a bit to offer protection for your peripheral vision. The lenses are made out of a more durable and shatter-resistant material than most sunwear.

Sport sunglass lenses are designed to block certain wavelengths of light and bring clarity to your vision by increasing your contrast sensitivity. This helps you to see your surroundings in a higher definition than you would be able to without the lenses. The clearer you can see, the faster you can respond, and wearing the right sunglasses can help you up your game!

Grey or black tints help you retain accurate color perception, while yellow and brown tints help with contrast enhancement. Also, remember the importance of UV protection! Sports sunglasses should help improve your performance by clearing your vision, but they should also protect your eyes. The color of the lenses does not determine how much UV it blocks. Make sure you purchase glasses that are 100% UV blocking. Good Looks Eyewear offers sports sunwear collections from Oakley, Maui Jim, and others at their Cranberry and Pittsburgh locations.

Jack Spade Eyewear

Jack Spade Eyewear:

Good Looks Eyewear has proudly brought the Jack Spade collection into our Cranberry and Pittsburgh stores. This collection of men’s eyewear is a modern, stylish, and mature look that uses subtle colors and sleek design to demand attention. The Jack Spade company began in Manhattan designing fashionable bags for men. Having graduated from one item to multiple high end items, the company has risen to the top of the food chain of men’s fashion. Whether you decide to get stylish sunglasses or sophisticated ophthalmic glasses, you will not be disappointed with the look, feel, and quality of Jack Spade Eyewear. Stop in to Good Looks Eyewear Cranberry or Good Looks Eyewear Pittsburgh to pick up you pair of Jack Spade ophthalmic glasses or Jack Spade sunglasses today.

Badgley Mischka Eyewear

Badgley Mischka Eyewear:

Good Looks Eyewear has proudly added Badgley Mischka Eyewear to our already impressive collection of luxury frames. Badgley Mischka caters to a younger, more modern couture customer with their timeless designs and superior craftsmanship. Mark Badgley and James Mischka began their company in 1988 and have since been captivating the fashion industry. Starting with bridal gowns, Badgley and Mischka have been able to keep their names among the top ranks of fashion designers. Now selling dresses, shoes, day wear, hand bags, watches, swimwear, and eyewear, Badgley Mischka has made a name for themselves as luxury designers. Stop in to our Good Looks Cranberry store or Good Looks Fox Chapel store for your pair of Badgley Mischka glasses.

Badgley Mischka sunglasses found at Good Looks Eyewear.

Badgley Mischka sunglasses found at Good Looks Eyewear.

Fysh Eyewear

Fysh Eyewear:

Good Looks Eyewear has proudly brought Fysh Eyewear into our designer collection. Fysh is a high end fashion company that specializes in eyewear. Their optical collection sports beautifully designed frames with an array of bold colors and intricate patterns. This exclusively women’s brand brings out a modern and original look to the wearer. The sunwear collection is fun, sexy, and most importantly original. Much like the optical collection, colors are the attention grabbers of this collection. Shapes also are what gives these glasses a style of their own, and bring uniqueness and originality to the wearer. Stop in to our Good Looks Eyewear Cranberry store or Good Looks Eyewear Pittsburgh store for your pair of Fysh glasses.

Fysh glasses found at Good Looks Eyewear.

Fysh glasses found at Good Looks Eyewear.

Choosing Contacts

You’ve come to an important crossroads: should you get contacts or not? There are many factors to consider.

Types of Contacts

There are multiple types of contacts. Soft contact lenses are comfortable and easy to wear full time, or just occasionally. There is little to no adjustment period with these lenses. You can also get daily contacts, lenses that you throw away at the end of each day, in this form. This eliminates the need to clean your contacts. The downside to soft lenses is that they do not offer the sharpest vision.

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses, also called RGP or GP lenses, on the other hand, must be worn daily to be comfortable. They usually require a 1-2 week adjustment period before they feel completely comfortable on the eye, as they are rigid. They provide the sharpest vision you can achieve with contacts, and can help correct astigmatisms. They do not come in a daily disposable form.

If you want the clarity of the RGP lenses but the comfort of the soft lenses, you can get hybrid lenses, which have rigid centers for clear vision, but a “skirt” of soft lens to make the contact comfortable. The downside of hybrid lenses is the price, as they can be more expensive than both regular soft and RGP lenses.

Things to Consider

You need to consider what type of contacts you want, if you prefer the daily soft lenses that require no care, or the RGP or hybrid lenses, which require an adjustment period and more care but give you clearer vision. If you decide against daily lenses and decide to get lenses that you will be wearing daily for some interval of time, you must consider the cleaning process. You must clean and disinfect the lenses daily, or you run the risk of harming your eyes through the buildup of dust, allergens, and debris on the lenses. Cleaning is fairly straightforward, and usually all you need is the right cleaning solution and a case for the lenses. If your teen or child wants contacts, you must consider their responsibility, as caring for the lenses correctly is very important. It is also important to NEVER try on someone else’s contacts or let them use yours. Doing so can cause eye infections and spread of disease.

If you are interested in getting contacts for extended wear – that is, overnight wear, talk to your doctor. Only certain contacts are designed for extended wear, and most people’s eyes can’t handle them. Whether or not the lenses are meant for it, you shouldn’t always wear your contacts overnight or for extended periods of time, as it deprives your eyes of oxygen and cause serious damage to the cornea. Talk to your doctor about whether or not you are a good candidate for extended wear contact lenses.

Do you have dry eyes or allergies that affect your eyes? If so, contacts might not be a good idea, period. This is another issue to discuss with your doctor. He or she can give you a clearer idea of whether contact lenses are a good choice for you, and point you towards options that will fit your needs.

Contact lenses are a wonderful way to enjoy clearer vision without glasses. While they don’t completely eliminate of your need for glasses, they can give you a nice break from your frames. If you want to get contact lenses, consider the information above and talk to your doctor about your options. Good Looks Eyewear in Cranberry and Pittsburgh offers eye exams to assess your needs and many different contact options to fill them! Come by for a check up and fitting.

Match Frame Colors to Your Complexion

You’re picking out the frames for your glasses! How exciting! Remember, it’s important to look at color as well as shape. Your frames can be both colorful and complementary. Even though it’s easy to go with black or brown to play it safe, thinking that they’ll match with everything, it’s important to consider how the color of the frames aligns with your skin tone and hair color. Something more colorful might just look better with you complexion  and help you make a statement!

When matching glasses to your skin tone, think fire and ice. Let me explain. If your skin is cooler in tone, plum, pink, jade, black, and blue frames look great. Look at “icy” colors, including silver, charcoal, rosy pinks, or purples. Warmer skin tones go best with colors you would see in a fire. They are complemented by red, coral, copper, off-white, and tortoise frames, as well as some warm shades of blue.

Amber tortoise frames by Jhane Barnes

Amber tortoise frames by Jhane Barnes for warm skin tones

Translucent frames by Penguin brand

Translucent frames by Penguin brand for cool skin tones

Hair color is another factor to consider. People with fair hair and cool skin tones tend to look better in darker frames, which create a contrast to their light complexion. Just avoid colors like yellow! They will wash you out.

Embellished cat-eye frames from Bvlgari

Embellished cat-eye frames from Bvlgari

Black and purple statement frames by Dior

Black and purple statement frames by Dior

Dark haired people with both warm and cool skin tones can wear bold pinks, blues, tortoise, and black, but it’s best to reserve shades of purple, green, and white for those with cooler skin only!

Classic tortoise frames by Dior

Classic tortoise frames by Dior

Gold and black by Dolce & Gabbana

Gold and black by Dolce & Gabbana

If you have red hair, strong frame colors are great! Green, warm neutrals, and black-and-white are also very complimentary if you prefer something less bold.

Green glasses by Coach

Green frames by Coach

Translucent frames by Hackett

Translucent frames by Hackett

Finally, if your hair is gray or white, bright colors like red are excellent choices. They brighten your face and give you a bold statement. Slightly translucent pinks, lilacs, and blues are also complementary. Styles with upturned sides also help brighten and lift the face. Avoid browns and other “drab” colors, as they will wash you out.


Translucent purple and floral frames by bebe

Translucent purple and floral frames by bebe

Next time you’re looking at frames, don’t be afraid to go bold! Consider your complexion and try on some of those more unique colors to find your perfect match! Good Looks Eyewear offers a wide selection of designer eyewear in many colors and styles at their Cranberry and Pittsburgh locations. Contact us or stop by to take a look!

Vera Wang Eyewear

One of Good Looks Eyewear’s main suppliers for frames is Kenmark Optical. Kenmark offers a portfolio of designer brands, including Kensie, and Original Penguin, but the line we’re focusing on today is Vera Wang. I recently had the opportunity to speak to David Duralde, the lead designer for Vera Wang Eyewear at Kenmark, about their work and the process that brings us the beautiful Vera Wang eyewear styles that we know and love.

“The work at Kenmark is an intellectual and creative collaboration between the production team at Kenmark and the fashion team from the designer.” Says Duralde.

Kenmark is a unique operation. Each brand has an in-house designer, but they work directly with the fashion designers whose names are on the finished product. Kenmark works with designers who want to be involved in the process, to the point that the final product can truly be called their design. Vera Wang in particular is very involved in the creation of her eyewear. Known for her innovative designs and ability to capture the style of the modern American woman in her collections, Vera Wang brings her values and personal flare to the eyewear collections and is deeply involved in the design process from beginning to end. According to Duralde, his role at Kenmark is to support Wang with the technical side of things while she gives the fashion direction.

OCTAVIA from the Vera Wang Salon collection, found at Good Looks Eyewear

OCTAVIA from the Vera Wang Salon collection, found at Good Looks Eyewear

Both the technical and fashion designers have a style obligation: to make people feel good and look good, and Vera Wang and the production team at Kenmark spare no time or expense to fulfill that obligation. The development cycle for eyewear lasts 9-15 months, and involves discussions about color themes, moods, shapes, and patterns for the collection. Kenmark designers then take that information and use it as a basis for the first drafts of eyewear sketches, which Wang edits herself. When prototypes are made of best designs, she tries them on to assess their comfort, detail, and quality. There are often more rounds of edits and prototypes before the final design is approved.

According to Duralde, it is very important to Wang that her designs are appropriate, balanced, and composed, as they are worn by a diverse group of women in many different settings. Every woman wearing Vera Wang eyewear must look fabulous, chic, and at the top of her game. The pieces must fulfill these criteria before Wang will put her name and label on them. This makes the process and the final product very personalized. Wang herself is the hardest critic because she won’t sell something that she wouldn’t wear herself. In fact, she is often seen wearing pieces from her eyewear lines!

The Vera Wang collections use components that are sourced from all over the world. A single pair of frames might contain hinges from Austria, plastics from Japan, and a nose pad from France, Duralde told me. Outsourcing allows Kenmark and Vera Wang to achieve the exact colors, textures, and quality they desire without limitation in materials. The use of unique components from global sources is part of Wang’s innovative philosophy.

As you can see, Vera Wang pays great attention to detail. Jewel work, as seen in the Luxe collection, is hand-drawn and cast into the frames using the same techniques as fine jewelers. These aren’t just gems glued to the frames, and they add dimension to the piece while giving the customer confidence in the quality and durability of the design.

“Our mission is to make your patients look beautiful.” Duralde told me. “We aren’t just throwing something together and hoping the frames will sell.”

Kenmark and Vera Wang work hard to make sure that every piece has a background of careful planning to embody the designer’s values and appeal to women throughout America. The quality work, technique, and attention to detail that make up the total design show how Vera Wang fulfills this mission. The frame shapes are hand drawn, so the curves are all unique and never cookie-cutter, based on the lines of a face and what complements it. Kenmark and Vera Wang are always keeping eyewear professionals and customers in mind while they create their products.

TAFFE from the Vera Wang Luxe collection, found at Good Looks Eyewear

TAFFE from the Vera Wang Luxe collection, found at Good Looks Eyewear

David Duralde says that his favorite part of the design process is fitting people for frames at trunk shows. He finds the greatest excitement in finding the perfect pair of frames for a woman, and seeing how happy she feels in them. To witness people feeling so good and so beautiful in the styles his team has worked so hard to create is very fulfilling.

“Seeing the finished products on the people that they were created for, and seeing the excitement they cause, is where the love and passion for what we do comes from.” 

Due to Vera Wang’s passion for innovation, endless curiosity, and boundary pushing, the collection is always moving and changing. The goal is to go out, find what’s next, and bring it back. In order to design what people will be wearing next year, the team must immerse themselves in studying, living, and breathing the future before it even happens! It’s a creative road and Kenmark and Vera Wang want their customers to be part of that journey!

Good Looks Eyewear in Cranberry and Pittsburgh offers Vera Wang Salon and Luxe collections. Come by to experience Vera Wang’s innovative designs!