Represents a sleek modernity, characterized by provocative and sophisticated designs with immaculate details and innovative materials.

Design Philosophy:

Calvin Klein is one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands with products that resonate globally.  Calvin Klein Collection is the “halo” for all Klein products. Calvin’s glasses designs blend minimalism with complexity through the use of sophisticated colorations, discrete embellishments and architectural detailing.

Calvin Klein


  • Polycarbonate frames, arms, and nosepiece
  • Colorthin arms and frames
  • Silicon nose pads
  • Solid Lenses
  • Protective case and cleaning cloth included


  • Men’s Ophthalmic Glasses
  • Women’s Ophthalmic Glasses
  • Women’s Sun Glasses


The famous brand was founded by Calvin Klein in 1968 in the York Hotel in New York City. Originally it was a small coat shop started with only $10,000. By 1969, however, Calvin had made it to the cover of Vogue magazine, and he began his fashion venture with coats, dresses, and other women’s apparel. His brand would soon expand to include lines of fragrances, men’s underwear, and women’s lingerie. In 1977 Klein introduced an accessory line featuring scarves, belts, shoes, furs, and sunglasses. The brand continues to grow and is becoming one the most well-known designer brands in fashion around the world.

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