Silhouette’s design is limitless and constantly surprising while simultaneously being distinctive and unique. Consistent clarity and weightlessness exudes a timeless statement. With trendy colors and innovative shapes for an individual look, Silhouette aims for clarity, which will bring out ones personality in all its facets.

A cornerstone of Silhouette’s ethos is that their products are made to last, with timeless styles and premium craftmanship that stands the test of time. Many of their designs use the minimum of materials to achieve their signature precision look – no screws are used in our collections and many of our frames are rimless.


Silhouette frames are made from ultra-lightweight, high-tech titanium and Silhouette’s innovative SPX®+ which gives Silhouette glasses their signature lightness.

The world’s lightest eyewear, the Titan Minimal Art – The Icon, coming in at a featherweight 1.8 grams, cuts down on materials even further by also being hinge-less. The polyamide granulate for SPX®+ is another key material for production. By using modern injection molding techniques, waste material is significantly reduced.


  • Rimless & Semi-Rimless Metals for Men & Women
  • Full-Rim Plastics for Men & Women


Authentic, Australian-made eyewear since 1964. Two people with visionary power firmly followed their ideas and visions and made them reality: For the first time in history, Anneliese and Arnold Schmied made more out of glasses than just a visual aide, namely a desirable accessory for better vision and appearance. With foresight and passion they founded the company and the brand Silhouette and with it their life work. A new dimension of vision had been created with a focus on individuality – the individuality of the person as much as that of the eyewear. Under the brand name Silhouette, new, fascinating perspectives were set in the world of eyewear fashion, and they continue to set benchmarks for style, comfort and material that are beyond compare.