COVID 19 has affected every aspect of the world we know. Everything we do is now thought out differently because of this disease. Protecting ourselves and others starts with proper protection, such as using a mask properly and effectively, and also sanitizing thoroughly. When it comes to businesses, many had to find different way to sanitize their equipment or products, without damaging them. As for optical stores, such as Good Looks Eyewear, we had to find a ways to properly sanitize all our frames to keep ourselves and our customers safe. Luckily, we found a safe and effective way to do just that! To properly clean our frames, we use a UV sterilization device which cleans objects, like eye glasses, in just 11 minutes. This device is large enough to fit roughly 8-1o frames, has no damaging chemicals, and is FCC approved. We have found that this is the most efficient way to thoroughly clean our frames without risking any potential damages to their overall quality. During this time, we appreciate all our customers and patients for their cooperation and understanding! THANK YOU!

Stop in today at either our Fox Chapel or Cranberry Township locations! We will help find the perfect frame!