2016 Spring Fashion

Setting your sights on spring styles and colors? Here’s a look at seven 2016 Spring fashion trends that are sure to turn a few heads:

  1.    Round and Round

The shape of things to come this spring is definitely round, particularly when donning sunglasses. Round frames are retro and contemporary, funky and sophisticated—in other words, just right.

  1.   Crazy Contours

Strange, futuristic shapes abound. Let’s just say if you’re looking to keep a low profile, this is not for you. Spring promises a potpourri of octagons, stars, hearts and super-sized squares and circles, not to mention a few silhouettes that truly defy description.

  1.    Nine Lives

First introduced in the ’50s as the essence of femininity, the cat’s eye frame has never really gone out of style. The 2016 variation on this theme takes us from house cat to wildcat with bold, dramatic designs. Understatement is not this cat’s meow.

  1.   Saluting Aviators

As the name suggests, aviator frames were once the exclusive domain of World War II fighter pilots. For those looking to land a pair this spring, consider modern updates like round lenses, metal bridges and translucent plastic frames.

  1. Pretty in Pink

When Pantone, the purveyor of all things color related, announced that Rose Quartz was its 2016 color of the year, the fashion world took notice. Not surprisingly, frames featuring the kinder, gentler shades of rosy pinks, pale blues, dusty greys and misty taupes are making their debut this spring.

  1. Focus on Lenses

From clear to very (very) dark and just about every color of the rainbow in between, lenses are asserting themselves as both fashionable and functional. Just look at the ombre lens: it’s dark at the top and lighter at the bottom, giving you stylish practicality.

  1. When Bling is the Thing

Sometimes frames are about the embellishments and adornments. This spring anything goes, including animal-print patterns, jewels, colorful gemstones and crystals.

The Pittsburgh and Cranberry locations of Good Looks Eyewear has all of your Spring fashion trends. Please stop in to either location to find your look for Spring. Contact us at either store for any and all inquiries.

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

Currently, more than 3 million people in the United States have glaucoma, approximately 120,000 are blind from glaucoma, accounting for 9% to 12% of all cases of blindness. Glaucoma is called “the sneak thief of sight” since there are no symptoms and once vision is lost, it’s permanent. As much as 40% of vision can be lost without a person noticing. Those at higher risk include people of African, Asian, and Hispanic descent. Other high-risk groups include: people over 60, family members of those already diagnosed, diabetics, and people who are severely nearsighted. Regular eye exams are especially important for those at higher risk for glaucoma, and may help to prevent unnecessary vision loss. Talk to friends and family about glaucoma. If you have glaucoma, don’t keep it a secret. Let your family members know.

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month


Glaucoma patients, did you know that your eye pressure can be safely controlled without complex eye  drop regimens?  At Scott and Christie Eyecare Associates, we offer an alternative to eye drops and their side effects for glaucoma treatment: laser surgery that can greatly lessen or virtually eliminate your dependence on eye medications.  Covered by insurance plans, this FDA-approved laser procedure is fast, safe and effective. .  If you are interested in freeing yourself from the inconvenience of your current eye drop regimen and expensive monthly trips to the pharmacy, please contact Scott & Christie Eyecare Associates to see if laser surgery is right for you.

Nike X Kevin Durant





Nike has collaborated with basketball superstar Kevin Durant to create 6 exclusive eyewear pieces that take the vision from Durant’s shoe line and bring it to the eyeglass world. With 3 children and 3 adult style’s, these new fashionable, sporty, and trendsetting glasses set them apart from any other brand or style on the market. The eyeglasses will contain the KD logo as well as the infamous Nike swoosh on the frame. These frames are not just made to look good, they are made with the highest quality materials; either acetate or a metal/zyl combination, depending on the style purchased. Good Looks Eyewear is proud to showcase these frames. These are a Slam-Dunk of glasses that are made for any sports lover. Stop in to Good Looks Eyewear to purchase these one of a kind, head turning frames. Our AMO certified Opticians will be more than happy to ASSIST you.

December and January Promotions

Good Looks Eyewear has featured products for our consumers every month of the year! Our featured products for the months of December and January are Tiffany and Co., Bvlgari, and Giorgio Armani. If you purchase any one of these three high December and January Promotionsquality products, you will receive a FREE $25 gift card after purchase and automatically entered in a chance to win a FREE pair of sunglasses! Each of our Good Looks Eyewear locations (Fox Chapel and Cranberry) will have a winner. The winners of the contest will receive a FREE pair of sunglasses from one of the featured brands (Tiffany and Co., Bvlgari, and Giorgio Armani). The featured products promotion will end on January 31st, 2016. Stop down to one of our two locations and our ABO certified opticians will be more than happy to assist you!

Flex Spending Account Information


Flex Spending Account InformationWith the New Year upon us, an opportunity exists for customers who maintain either an HSA (Health Savings Account) or a FSA (Flex Savings Account). With our company being able to accept these funds, our employees can help you understand the opportunity to use these funds to benefit your life and well-being.

Under these programs, customers and patients alike can use the pre-tax benefits that are provided to pay deductibles, co-payments, refractive options and prescription eyewear. What an opportunity to invest in your own health, while benefitting from tax savings.

Flex Spending Accounts (FSA)

Flex spending becomes available on January 1st and will usually expire on December 31st, however depending on your provider and their policies, it may expire on March 15th.

You want to be sure to take advantage of the flex spending, because in most cases the funds in the account will not carry over into the New Year. If you do not use your flex spending funds within the allotted period, you can lose the funds.  Talk to your employer about your specifics for their flex spending account policies, some let you carry up to $500 of unused funds into the New Year.

Health Spending Accounts (HSA)

Health savings is a little different from flex spending, but they are basically the same. For health savings, the money that you don’t use will roll over to the next year and never expire until they are used. You are also able to constantly gain more health savings funds throughout the year. Talk to your employer about how you are able to increase your funds.

When coming to Good Looks Eyewear or Insight Lasik and Refractive Group, one of our staff members will be happy to assist you with flex spending and health savings spending options.

You want to be sure to use all of those flex spending funds before they run out at the end of the year. We look forward to seeing you!

Porsche Design Eyewear~ Trunk Show

Porsche Design Eyewear

Hello there friends!!  We have some exciting news for you!  We are pleased to invite you to our Good Looks Eyewear Porsche Design Eyewear TRUNK SHOW @ our Fox Chapel Store Location~ DECEMBER 29th 9am-6pm!!

Receive 25% off the ENTIRE COLLECTION!!  Don’t miss out on these end of the year savings! Flex Spending, Health Savings, and Care Credit are also accepted.