“A touch of originality and elegance in an unequivocally luxorious universe”

Since the establishment of the couture house in 1987, Christian Lacroix’s style has been unique, colorful and extravagant. Over the last two years, Italian acetate powerhouse Mazzuchelli and Christian Lacroix have joined forces to produce invigorating prints and unique hues for their daring frames. Additionally, Christian Lacroix’s Hispanic and French cultures inspirations with vibrant colors perfectly harmonize with one another to rejuvenate frames in the eyewear industry. Likewise, Christian Lacroix’s highest quality lenses and the very best manufacturing techniques have given clients a sophisticated and luxurious as well as an affordable look. Stop by our Good Looks Eyewear store in Cranberry to check out Christian Lacroix’s ophthalmic collection and pick up a new pair of eyeglasses today!