During this time of year, many take part in activities that may cause possible injury to the eye. Some of these activities include major summer cleaning to the oh-so-fun yard work before winter. You may not think of this, but the risk of eye injuries are more likely to happen at home than anywhere else. “Almost 50 percent of the 2.5 million eye injuries in a year occur at home.” You may ask yourself, how do I prevent possible eye injuries from happening then?! Look no further, below is a list of ways to keep you and your family’s eyes safe at home!

  1. If you are doing any type of yard-work, always wear protective glasses. Safety glasses help protect your eyes from dust particles or flying debris while working. Remember, regular eye glasses will not do the job in protecting you. Even though you may feel like your eyes are being protected, there are many ways for debris and dirt to find their way into your eye. OUCH!
  2. When using any type of cleaner or chemical while cleaning, make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. If anything were to occur, knowing the proper way to handle a chemical accident in the eye is crucial to know before hand.
  3. Lastly, make sure all sharp objects, such as kitchen utensils, are out of reach. Finding tools, that are dangerous to the eyes, is one of the most common ways children injury their eye at home. Keeping them out of reach or securely locked away is very important!

Overall, taking these extra steps to protect your eyes, and your families eyes as well, is a simple but helpful step.