LanvinIn 1889, Jeanne Lanvin founded the oldest French couture fashion house in Paris, France. After her passing in 1946, her daughter Marie-Blanche de Polignac inherited her prestigious empire. Despite the numerous changes in directors throughout the decades, Lanvin was finally restored to its pristine privately owned company in 2001. Today, Lanvin’s luxurious couture is seen throughout the world. Moreover, Lanvin has brought contemporary styling and sophistication into the eyewear industry. Lanvin’s ophthalmic collection consists of various bold shapes and designs combined with blended materials and a colorful palette of highlighted hues to create an elegant look. Likewise, this high end brand has instilled its rich heritage within their modern designs. Lanvin’s women ophthalmic collection is available at our Good Looks Eyewear stores in Cranberry and Pittsburgh. Stop by one of our locations today, to pick up your new pair of luxurious eyeglasses.