Since the worldwide pandemic, eyewear technology has evolved to help consumers during this unknowing time. People are going the extra mile to stay safe and healthy, including protecting your eyes.  Because of this, the United States has created their first-ever anti-reflective coatings that include anti-bacterial technology. The coatings are only available through private practice doctors in the VSP network, but offer exceptional visual performance and cosmetic appearances. This new coating also offers improved scratch resistance and defense against blue light and UV. Not only has this new anti-bacterial technology hit the market, so has Anti-Fog.

With the requirement of facial masks to be worn in public, many glasses wearers are struggling with the fogging of their glasses. Essilor created the Anti-Fog AR, which is a protective coating applied to the back of lenses, which is where most fogging occurs. Many people need their glasses on the daily, and have found that the anti-fog works wonders!

There are also many helpful tips from Ms. Specs In the City, on how to wear a mask properly while wearing your glasses to decrease fogging. Click the link below to learn more!