This year, heading back to school is looking a little different than usual. A lot of students are learning virtually, to protect themselves and others during this unimaginable time. While virtual learning may be our best and safest choice, computer screen time can take a toll on your child’s eyes. A computer screen omits harmful blue-lights, that the human eye can not block easily. Blue-light is only a small fraction of harmful rays compared to the sun’s rays. But the amount of time people spend on their device today is concerning to many eye doctors, especially the long term effects.

Getting a pair of glasses and adding a protective blue-light coating to them, can be very beneficial. The protective coatings absorb the blue-light and allows more screen time without increasing your exposure. Don’t wait any longer.  Protecting your eyes any way you can will help your vision in the future and starting now is necessary!

Good Looks Eyewear offers this ability for all our glasses. Head over to one of our store locations, in either Fox Chapel or Cranberry Township, to get a pair of blue light protecting glasses today!

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