Have you ever been about to play a sport, whether tennis, volleyball, soccer, or anything in between, and realized your sunglasses just weren’t going to cut it? Normal sunglasses are not very useful when you’re playing sports. They fall off easily, you’re concerned about breaking them, and they don’t provide the best protection. If you are an active individual who spends his or her free time or weekends participating in sports or other athletic activities, it is important to have a pair (or two) of sports sunglasses to protect your eyes and fit your needs. While it is important to have functional sports sunwear, that doesn’t mean they have to be unfashionable. Designers like Oakley and Maui Jim offer comfort, durability, and style.

Sports sunglasses are important because of their design. The frames are designed for comfort and protection. They fit snugly to the head and lenses wrap around the sides a bit to offer protection for your peripheral vision. The lenses are made out of a more durable and shatter-resistant material than most sunwear.

Sport sunglass lenses are designed to block certain wavelengths of light and bring clarity to your vision by increasing your contrast sensitivity. This helps you to see your surroundings in a higher definition than you would be able to without the lenses. The clearer you can see, the faster you can respond, and wearing the right sunglasses can help you up your game!

Grey or black tints help you retain accurate color perception, while yellow and brown tints help with contrast enhancement. Also, remember the importance of UV protection! Sports sunglasses should help improve your performance by clearing your vision, but they should also protect your eyes. The color of the lenses does not determine how much UV it blocks. Make sure you purchase glasses that are 100% UV blocking. Good Looks Eyewear offers sports sunwear collections from Oakley, Maui Jim, and others at their Cranberry and Pittsburgh locations.