It is officially summertime and the hot weather is here to stay…for now. One of the best accessories to have on hand this summer is sunglasses. Whether they are used for driving, vacation or outdoor activities, your eyes will thank you for helping to protect them from harmful UV rays later…But what happens when sunglasses are left in the car during the summer? Well, a few things could happen. Leaving sunglasses in the car on a hot and sunny day can be very detrimental because of the intense summer heat throughout the next few months. The temperature in a car may reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit on any given day. Moreover, the extreme heat could cause your sunglasses to warp or the lenses to crack, making it impossible to see out of them. It is best to take your sunglasses with you wherever you go and to store them in their case to ensure perfect condition for the future.

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