We believe style is about being yourself: a matter of authenticity, of consistency and personal elegance.


Safilo’s production philosophy is evolutionary. It merges the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with industrial design and with state of the art technology. We call it Avant-Craft.

Choosing a pair of well made, subtly elegant glasses is an act of self-branding: a way of highlighting a confident, individual and creative vision that transcends fashion. A vision beyond frames that looks for real talent behind design and values accessories as tools that can add authentic beauty and quality to everyday life and work. The lack of a visible logo is a conscious choice intended to let Safilo frames introduce themselves and be appreciated at first sight for their fine craftsmanship and design language.


  • Removeable and built-in nose pads
  • Selection of acetates
  • Techno-aesthetic comfort


  • Techno-Aesthetic Comfort
  • Women’s Collection


Safilo is made in and made of Italy. Everything we do is steeped in the Italian ability to produce the good, the beautiful, the well-made. A unique skill based on craftsmanship expertise, where creativity meets the needs of everyday life.

We preserve and innovate the original mastery that our country has developed in eyewear manufacturing. A tradition of beautiful elegance and carefully considered simplicity that we treasure as the Italian Optical specialist brand. The heart of the production is in the Cadore region, an area internationally recognized for the creation of the finest glasses. It is here that our history started in 1934, and where still today skilled artisans practice techniques passed down over the decades but enhanced by state of the art technology.  This will always show in the way we express ourselves. Innovators yet rooted in our traditions. Highly passionate. Naturally stylish.